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​​We are in the business of creating high quality burgers.  All of our burgers start off with Grass-feed, Hormone free, Cascade Natural ground chuck. From there we stuff them with fresh ingrediants. Then they are grilled over an open flame the way burgers are meant to be cooked to give them the uniqe char-broiled flavor that everyone loves. Once they are cooked, we have a variety of cart made sauces to choose from and finaly they are served on a potato bun baked fresh from Fleur De Lis Bakery located right here in Portland. 

Here at the Burger Guild we take a great amount of pride in the food that we create.  Nothing leaves the cart unless it meets the quality that our customers have come to expect. 

Everyone likes burgers, but not everyone likes them the same way!  If you want to change or add to any burger please don't hesitate to ask we will do everything in our power to accomidate your tastes.  We love the nieghborhood we are located in and appriciate the local support it provides.  Here at the cart we get to know alot of great people and take pride in meeting our customers needs.

Burgers aren't your thing?  How about trying a midwest classic?  The Pork Tenderloin is a sandwich that is very popular in the Midwestern States of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.  Where it was started can bring about a good deal of debate but one thing for sure, it is a great sandwich that many folks have come to love.  Being from Illinois I have personaly made Thousands of these sandwiches throughout the years and I can garantee these are as autentic as it gets.  Many customers have said they are just like the ones they grew up with.